Should You Move Closer to Work?

city skyline

city skyline

Have you been thinking about moving somewhere else for a shorter work commute? It’s totally understandable. After all, long work commutes can be a source of stress, health issues and financial problems for many workers.

As big cities continue to grow and get even more crowded, these already time-consuming work commutes will also keep getting longer. These may have detrimental effects on an average commuter. They have to spend a huge portion of their salary on gasoline, parking, car insurance and public transportation.

And now the long commutes may also have a negative impact on their overall well-being. But others enjoy long commutes. They take this as an opportunity to read, listen to some music and decompress after a long day at work.

Others also do not mind taking the long route as long as they can live where they like. So, if you’re unsure whether it’s time to hire an interstate removals company here in Adelaide or stick with the status quo, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Does your employer reimburse a portion or all your monthly transportation costs?

There are times when employers offer to cover a portion or even all the financial costs of commuting for some of their employees. So, consider whether your current commuting costs are at least partly free. Does your employer provide you with a prepaid public transport card?

Do they reimburse your monthly gas consumption? Do they offer other benefits? If you are unsure, ask the human resources department for specific details about your commuting costs.

How important is it for you to live close to your workplace?


Think about your current setup at work. Do you have a flexible schedule? Do your bosses allow you to work from home at least once or twice a week? If you can work remotely, the long work commute a few times, a week may not be much of an issue.

But, if you work for long hours and you take public transportation, living closer to your workplace might be more beneficial to you. If you have to stay in the office for many hours and even work during the weekend, that means you’ll have to make more trips to the office.

So, living somewhere close will help cut down on stress while also increasing your productivity levels.

Do you have to live somewhere far from your workplace for family reasons?

For many families that have school-age children, living a little farther away from the office is a priority. This is because most of the top-rated schools, more family-friendly environments, and bigger but more affordable living spaces are often more accessible in the suburbs.

That is why many employees sacrifice their work commutes to provide a better living condition for their families.

Finally, consider your current health condition. If you think the long work commute has negative impacts on both your mental and physical, then it is time to move closer to your workplace. Never mind the extra money you will have to spend for a place near the office. Remember, your health is always the most important.

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