Are You Struggling to Sleep Lately?

struggling sleeping

Sleep is how people recharge, and with an insufficient amount of sleep, you will suffer from an imbalance and even life-threatening diseases.

Now that we are almost at the two-year mark of the pandemic, can you honestly tell yourself that you have been sleeping well as you should be? The pandemic did not only show the world the flaws in the healthcare and business industry, but it also allowed us to stay at home, and rest (supposedly).

However, the alarming numbers of pandemic-induced depression rates would beg to differ. While there are many possible reasons as to why people have been down in the dumps the past couple of years, it may all boil down to isolation and stress. After all, human beings are social creatures that thrive with their pack.

If you are struggling to fall asleep due to these conditions, know that you are not alone, and there are simple ways that can help you drift away at night. One last thing, if things get more unbearable, it still is best to seek professional help in this matter.

Tips to How You Can Finally Get a Shut-Eye

Dim Your Bedroom Lights

A human body is wired to feel tired and sleepy when it gets dark. Even with night-shift people who want to believe they have had their body clocks all turned upside-down, this scientific fact still persists.

If you have been suffering from conditional insomnia, your attempt to fall asleep should start with conditioning yourself to sleep. Dim your room to make your body think that it is still dark. It is somehow tricking your mind that it is the time of the day to naturally fall asleep and recharge.

Meanwhile, if you have worked with reliable architectural design firms that would mean that your house has access to natural lighting from the sun every day. It means your house is designed to let the light in, and you might have to exert more effort in dimming your room.

There are heavy and thick curtains that you can put over your blind, repainting your light-colored walls into something more neutral and dark, and lastly, making sure your room temperature matches the dim lighting you are presenting your sleepless mind.

When you achieve all of these, your mind would lose track of the time and would only focus on finally letting go and falling asleep. Lastly, you would not even wake up to the harsh light of the sun. So really, there is no need for strained eyes that prevent you from going back to bed in the mornings.

Stop All Activities Two Hours Before Bedtime

When you are struggling to sleep due to endless overthinking, it means your brain is actively trying to process overwhelming thoughts, and being on your phone in bed does not help.

Overthinking is the brain’s way to cope and find answers to questions that you probably know the answer is to. It is a huge part of trying to accept the things that happened to you. You may even be thinking about the future, being scared of what would happen. That alone is an unfortunate reason for skipping sleep hours. No one deserves to lose sleep over such things.

What you can do is put away your phone, laptops, and stay away from your console at least two hours before falling asleep. It helps your brain calm down because you would be doing no activity for it to process again. Don’t eat two hours before bed, try to win your ranked matches earlier than your bedtime, and make sure that you and your mind associate your bed as a safe place to fall asleep.

Lessen Your Coffee Intake

A cup of coffee is like a warm hug, and for working people who usually stay up late at night, it is magic. The caffeine in coffee drinks makes your brain alert and pinging, and many people loved it for that. Some even write happiness as the feeling they get when they smell their cups of coffee.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, it is highly advisable that you take less coffee during the day. At least one cup or mug is great already, or you would find yourself perfectly struggling to feel the sleepiness at night. You know what that means too, right? Less productivity rate and more backlogs.

When you are struggling to sleep, there is usually something that bothers you. The best way you can regain the sleeping experience back is to label your feelings and find the best way to cope. Also, do not forget that you can ask for a professional’s help with the matter

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