The Best Greenhouses Are Out of This World


If you’re looking to build yourself a greenhouse, you might want to consider a geodesic dome. Geodomes perform better than the usual greenhouse, and their look will make your backyard the talk of the town. These structures might fit in a sci-fi movie, but greenhouse or conservatory builders and contractors should have no problem building one.

More Sun for Your Plants

Geodesic domes will let in the maximum amount of sun at any given time. Regular greenhouses only achieve peak efficiency around noon as they absorb less sunlight during early mornings or late afternoons. The surface area of a geodesic dome also allows it to absorb and retain more heat. You can extend your growing season during winters or grow heat-loving crops like eggplants, peppers, or melons.

A geodome’s curved construction refracts light, distributing sunlight evenly among your crops regardless of their placement. Most geodomes will use polycarbonate sheets instead of glass, which enhances the refraction of light and ensures constant exposure to sunlight. Your crops will look more uniform in size and appearance, and you’ll appear more professional in case you decide to sell your produce.

Protection from the Elements

The dome is one of the safest and most solid structures you can build. Its shape disperses and distributes stress across the whole system — enabling geodesic domes to withstand the elements the way no other greenhouse can. Snow can’t accumulate on its curved surfaces, and wind flows over and around its curves instead of crashing into a straight wall.

Geodesic structures have been reported to have survived hurricanes that have wiped out other nearby buildings. The stability of geodesic domes have earned them a trip to Mars as both NASA and Elon Musk have incorporated geodesic structures in their plans.

Safer for Your Kids

green house concept

Having a glass greenhouse in your backyard might not be safe if you have small children or pets. Glass gets brittle, especially when regularly exposed to varying temperatures. It can break, and glass can cut. Even if it doesn’t, a substantial impact on a hard surface can cause bruising and pain. Geodomes are safer. Glass is distributed in smaller panels making them less likely to shatter and cause injuries. You can also opt for polycarbonate sheets to make them safer, eliminating the risk of broken glass or hard hits.

Surprisingly Affordable

Geodesic greenhouses might look expensive with their sci-fi aesthetic. However, they only cost a bit more than your usual greenhouse. Building costs can be higher if you use glass, but they drop if you opt for polycarbonate sheets. Your geodome will be sturdier than the average greenhouse, so you’ll also be spending less on repairs. The extra space you’ll get is worth the small difference in dollars.

Modern geodesic greenhouses are better for your crops, safer for your little kids, and softer on your wallet. It might be a few more years before geodomes reach Mars, but you can use these sci-fi structures today in your very own home.

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