5 Pests You Need to Think About When Remodelling

colony of ants

Remodelling or renovating can be a lot of work that takes time and care to be done right. It’s meant to either restore a space’s former greatness and stability or repurpose an area altogether for a new breath of life. That said, the whole process takes a significant amount of dismantling and movement that opens up the home to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by pests. That not only hampers progress for the remodel or renovation but can also be costly and end up with a horrible infestation that plagues the home afterwards if left untreated. Before making your strategy, the key point is knowing which particular offenders you need to be wary of.

Here are some of the most common pests to look out for when beautifying your home:


If you’re doing any roof work, window installations, or installing solar panels, you’re going to want to watch out for birds looking to nest in your home. Pigeons and other common birds carry infectious diseases, especially when they defecate. On top of the health hazards, it can destroy your new installations and ruin the aesthetic appeal you’ve just built. It would be wise to eliminate any standing water and have some solar panel protection through pest control.


Rats and mice can be a fright enough as is, but they replicate rather quickly and take their place in a home just as swiftly. They will always find human homes attractive because of the warmth and security in the structure and constant supply of food. During renovations and remodelling, your home has more cracks and crevices for these creatures to make their way in and settle.


Sometimes, you will find that you’ve had a colony of ants all along that was only revealed because of the disruption. Be careful if you’re going to be touching the foundation or start on any new construction. You’ll want to eliminate these pests during the construction process because they won’t be moving away merely from the disruption. They will eventually settle back in once you’ve finished building. Finding pests that were trapped or ignored during construction is quite prevalent in new construction.


termites at home

Another pesky critter to watch out for are termites, who will be drawn to any construction with lumber in the works. Whether it’s installing new wood panels, beams, furniture pieces, or even having scrap lumber piled in a section, this can be a great source of attraction for different types of termites depending on the soil and temperature around the site of construction. They can tunnel their way quite efficiently and can destroy perfectly good wood if unnoticed.


Roaches reproduce alarmingly fast and can either come in through pipes, gaps without enough caulk, furniture you’ve brought in, or if your construction crew leaves behind food scraps lying around too long. You’ll want to be mindful of those factors so that your remodel doesn’t end up with a new set of nasty bugs.

You’ve got enough to worry about when renovating, so make sure you’re on top of this so that you don’t end up with a bad pest infestation.

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