The Different Door Materials and How They Help Define a Space

Wooden front door of a home.

A house or a building’s appearance will never be complete without doors. These are always considered as one of the crucial components of any property because it serves as a barrier from the people or things found outdoors. Even the simplest door can shield everyone inside from harsh elements such as weather conditions, animal infestation, and intruders.

The Importance

Modern technology has brought solutions to securing houses with wireless security cameras and camera-equipped doorbells. Almost every exterior door can now be equipped with these added security measures, plus locks and deadbolts to deter intruders. 

Aside from security, doors also help complete the look of a structure. Several designs call for a specific type of door and material. Classical design styles often have massive hardwood double doors for the exterior that dramatically open to the interiors, while modern design in houses typically has single panel doors or a single big piece of metal that operates like an awning.

Interior doors are more subtle than exterior doors. The latter creates a statement to give people something to expect in the property. The former helps define and delineate spaces, like how it opens to a bedroom or a patio. Interior sliding glass doors are an ideal solution to divide space without obstructing what is on the other side, which is useful in maintaining a view of the landscape. They offer the best of both worlds.

Door Materials

woman opening the door of luxury home

Doors come in all shapes and sizes, but it has various materials that builders or homeowners can choose from. These materials help complete the look of a space. They also help in a lot of things aside from being just barriers, like how wooden doors can be useful for the acoustics and insulation of a room. These wooden doors are heavily constructed from whole pieces of timber and are suitable for exterior or front and back doors.

Aluminum doors are a good option because its material is durable and weatherproof. They are commonly used in spaces that are exposed to moisture and water. A glass door, on the other hand, can be an option for both interior and exterior doors. These add a sense of elegance as it also helps with illuminating spaces.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a synthetic thermoplastic that is a popular door material because it is lightweight and durable. It is used in doors as a cladding for wood core doors and windows to protect it from weathering and moisture. Fiberglass is also one of the accessible materials that can be used for doors because of its many capabilities. It provides good soundproofing, weatherproofing, and insulation just like regular wooden core doors. Fibre glass doors can also be made to look like regular hardwood doors.

These are only some of the commonly used materials for doors in different types of buildings. These materials last longer, and they fit any building design. That is the beauty of doors and the various materials available. You can mix and match them depending on how you want a space or building to be defined.

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