School Beautification Projects: Ways to Enhance Your School’s Image

Two teachers posing in the classroom
Two teachers posing in the classroom


A school beautification project positively helps with the morale of the students. It gives them a higher level of school pride. It is also a great way to preserve a healthy environment where camaraderie and learning are enhanced.

If you feel that your campus is dreary, dull and not in the greatest shape, you may not be alone. Making physical improvements is a great way to bring communities together and even encourage students to be more involved in their schools.

Here are some ideas to upgrade your school:

Improve the school’s curb appeal

It is every principal’s or school administrator’s dream to make their schools warm and welcoming. An improved curb appeal does not only meet the needs of current students, parents and faculty. It also creates an impact on prospective students. The first 15 minutes of any campus tour is critical.

You need to pay close attention to your signage, landscape and how the admissions building looks like. Clear and well-designed signage vastly improves the student experience. It allows for easier navigation as well as strengthens branding and informational efforts.

Aside from the more traditional maps, many schools are now using digital signage. An advanced 3D way-finder makes for a better overall experience. Investing in landscaping is another way to improve your school’s curb appeal.

Humanmade structures like gazebos or outdoor shelters and covered areas for schools are some options. Planting trees that provide shade and allow seating to be installed around the trunk is one way to create an engaging outdoor space. It makes a dynamic learning environment which can improve student engagement.

For nurseries, shade sails are particularly useful. They not only provide the needed shade but they also immediately add a fun element to the landscape design. They are also easily maintained and are hugely flexible.

Paint a mural

Creating a mural is one of the most rewarding projects that can improve a school as well as the use of school space innovatively. A club or an art class can design a mural. Your school can start a votation on the design, which could be a school mascot, a local landmark, etc. It could also be anything else that can benefit the students and the wider community. For instance, a forest scene that looks something out of a picture book will work well in primary schools.

Murals are not limited to walls. Recycling bins, the garbage dumpster, and old fences can be turned into gorgeous works of art. These utilitarian staples of every school do not need to stay uninteresting and ugly.

Many faculty members may be reluctant to have students create a long-term art piece in school. However, murals are not a passive form of art. They invigorate school space with dynamic, student-generated art.

Clean up the school

College students in university hallways

A school beautification project can kill two birds with one stone. A cleanup day that involves replacing old, rusty fences with something new and modern, will not only improve the overall appeal, but it will also enhance the school’s safety.

Putting up a well-designed barrier between the school and the parking lot is another way to achieve this. Or switching out old desks with newer and more attractive pieces.

A school is a ready-made community that deserves a beautiful and healthy environment. Beautification projects can achieve that. It may also encourage parents and students to participate in the school’s social and academic life.

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