Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Home

For sale sign outside of house
For sale sign outside of house


Buying your first home could be the biggest purchase of your life. First-time homeowners may be overwhelmed by the number of options and considerations, but you don’t want to make a hasty decision, either. Keeping in mind that some parts of a house can be modified down the line, here are some considerations to look out for.

Property location and size

When purchasing a property, it’s hard to ignore some characteristics of the location. You’ll no doubt be checking out the neighbors and the general vicinity as you stop by for an inspection. And you might have noticed the length of the drive to and from various destinations, such as the nearest supermarket or convenience store.

However, neighborhoods change, and so do your everyday activities while your property does not. If you have any plans to raise kids, having a yard, or being in proximity to a good school should factor into your considerations. And if you are keeping an eye on retirement soon, preferring a quiet area, nearby commercial developments could be a warning that the place will get busier in a few years. Don’t rely only on what you see along the way; do some research on the location.

Layout and space

Stepping into a home with a good layout and living space can make a positive first impression, even if you don’t realize exactly why. Although the arrangement of furniture and good lighting can influence your perception of space, it’s important to have a good base layout to start from. Try to mentally strip the home of its furnishings and see the actual layout. Visualize how you would go about living there and what activities you could actually perform on a daily basis in each room.

While making changes to a house is an exciting project for many, renovation can be more costly than you’d expect. Increasing vertical space, for example, won’t just affect the rooms involved – it can also necessitate installing new stairs, orgetting creative with staircase design. Make sure you have a grasp of your new home’s layout so that you can prepare for any upcoming construction expenses.

Kitchen and appliances

Senior Couple Hugging in Front of Sold Real Estate Sign and House

The kitchen is often considered the heart of any home since this is usually where you prepare and serve food to family members and guests. It’s important to let form follow function here – is it a comfortable place to cook, or is it rather cramped? Are there enough cabinets for the storage space you’ll need? And particularly for those on a budget, look out for any appliances that will be provided. Their condition and maintenance will give you an idea of future replacement expenses.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Taking into account the number of occupants, it should be easy to figure out how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll want in your home. But all isn’t lost if you have fewer – or more – than what you need. Rooms can be repurposed or partitioned to give you an additional bedroom or bathroom. Excess rooms can be redesigned to serve another function. It will come at an additional cost, but if the property ticks off all the other boxes you’re looking for, then it could be well worth the expense.

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