The Three Principles to Remember When Redesigning Your Office Space

open space office

open space office

The idea of redesigning your office space to attract more clients, talent, and investors is a debate among business owners. How could the interior design of an office affect the productivity of the workers? Would a redesigned office make a business more profitable? There’s a reason Google designed their offices in such a way that would boost collaboration among workers. Their offices don’t have permanent offices. The idea is for workers to “bump” into each other and come up with new ideas.

These “accidental” collaborations cannot happen if your office is unkempt and needs concrete floor repair products. You need to address these design problems in your office first. In a survey, 45% of 1,456 workers say that their offices need more collaborative spaces. About 20% say that their workplace environment is hindering them from doing their job.

Improve Employee Productivity

The best office designs make workers productive. This is the reason Facebook and Google—both named best employers—take great pain in designing their office spaces. They invest in new trends that will make working in the companies more comfortable for the employees. The décor of the workspace has a significant impact on people’s creative process, moods, and behavior.

The millennials—those aged between 22 and 35—occupy most of the positions in a company. It’s worth taking note of what they want from a workspace. According to a survey, millennials want what Google and Facebook offer their employees. If you’re thinking about redesigning your office space, think along the lines of ergonomic furniture, lounge rooms, billiards, and free-flowing artisan coffee.

Attract Talent and Investors

One of the main reasons for redesigning an office space should be to attract the best talent. It is the face of your company. It is the first thing they see when they interact with the company. The office design should not only boost the productivity of the current workforce. It should also gain the attention of prospective employees and investors.

As a company, you want to hire the best talent. But it’s not always that easy. The best talent is often with the best companies. To be the best company, you need to think about what your employees want. If someone you want to hire visits your company, your office space should awe them that they would want to work with you.

The same goes for future investors. If they are to put money into the business, they should believe in your company. But having a dreary office space will not help your cause.

Commoditize Space

Business colleagues working at a busy open plan office

Space is a commodity in an office design. Gone are the days of cubicles and dividers. They may provide privacy to the workers. But this office design also hinders communication and collaboration. Office designers use an open-floor layout today to highlight the need for employees to come up with fresh ideas.

Redesigning your office space is a one-time thing. You’re not going to spend on it every year. If done correctly, the return on investment will be short. You will see a positive effect on the workers. They will work better. They will have new ideas. Your company will reap the benefits of the redesign.

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