The Homeowners Guide to Window Cleaning

Person cleaning the window

Person cleaning the windowLooking through window glass and seeing blue sky, trees, and the lawn you’ve worked hard to maintain is reward enough. You feel a sense of peace and fulfillment. Unless, the glass is opaque and dirty, that is. Perhaps, it’s time for a spring cleaning service provider like Healthy Homes Housekeeping in Ogden to restore your window to its former glory. The alternative is to try cleaning a pane yourself to see if you can get the results you expect from professional cleaners.

It starts with a good quality squeegee

A full-service hardware store should have a respectable line-up of window cleaning and window washing tools. You already have a bucket at home, and perhaps a scrubber, as well as small towels and rags. Dishwashing liquid in the storage cabinet should do. What you probably do not have is the basic window cleaning tool—the squeegee. The name may sound cutesy, but the squeegee is all business, as you will soon see for yourself. It might make a squeaky-squealing noise, but a good quality squeegee is tough and reliable.

A standard squeegee comes with a sharp rubber blade with an edge made to scour all dirt that gets on its way. You might only be trying out cleaning a pane of glass or two and leave the rest to the professional maintenance crew. Nevertheless, you should invest in a good squeegee so that you can free the glass from dirt and impurities anytime you feel like doing so.

Essential do’s and don’t’s

Person cleaning the window using a squeegeeAllow us to give you a heads up on how to use the scrubber properly. First, do not be too obsessive-compulsive and give in to the urge to wash the scrubber every time you finish scrubbing a few square feet of window glass. Let it get to work and wash it after a couple of panes.

When washing windows, it’s good to bear in mind that you do not need that much water and soap dripping down. The excess water flowing from the scrubber will not clean the glass it touches on the way to the ground. You will only be making watery streaks that must be removed later on. The key to using the scrubber properly is to squeeze excess water from it. Unless you want to increase the buck of your forearm and hand muscles, you won’t throw it into the bucket filled with soapy water. Instead, you’ll place it on the edge where it will not become soaked with fluid.

So, when is the best time to clean a window? Well, it depends on when you are free to do it, but make sure it’s not a dry and sunny day with nary a cloud in sight. When the sun is hottest and highest in the sky, it will dry the cleaner before you can say squeegee. You might spend half the time removing chemical streaks instead of just wiping off dust and particulates from the glass surface. Make sure the day is shady, and the temperature is not too hot before embarking on your DIY window-cleaning project.

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