Why Concrete Floors are a Great Deal

Room with Concrete floor

What comes to mind when you hear the words “concrete floors“? For many people, they imagine industrial settings and cold floors. Although this type of flooring is cold and useful in industrial premises, there is so much about it that you can imagine. Not convinced yet? Have a look at what you can get from concrete flooring in NYC:


There are no rules to where and when you can install concrete floors. You can have concrete floors indoors or outdoors. Concrete is also excellent for transition spaces from indoor spaces to outdoors.


Concrete floors are tough and can last ages without much effort. Regular maintenance further increases the duration a concrete floor will serve you. There are other options available for old concrete floors to revamp the look.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike wood floors that require special attention to look good, concrete floors are low-maintenance. Mopping using a wet cloth and soapy water keeps the floors clean. You can also install skirting boards along the floor to ease the maintenance. Also, the floor will appear finished.


Bathroom with concrete floor

You can opt to get concrete floors from scratch or use existing slabs. The latter would save you from the cost of buying new materials. After sanding the concrete, you can seal or polish the concrete for an even better-looking concrete surface.


Concrete floors require materials such as stone, cement, and sand for the installation process. These materials are readily available across the country, making them a friendly option. Not to mention that the installation process does not require a lot of labor and lowers the overall cost.

Energy Efficiency

Energy utility bills spent in heating and cooling a space can be a burden to any homeowner. Furthermore, with the increasing energy costs, homeowners are looking for options to minimize the energy consumption in their home. Concrete is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that it takes minimal energy to heat and cool your space.

Resistant to Fires

Fire occurrences lead to loss of property and lives in extreme cases. For instance, in the event of a fire, wooden floors would cause to further spread the fire. The great thing with concrete floors is that they are resistant to fires due to the non-combustible characteristic of concrete. That would mean that you do not risk losing any property to fires.

Fast to Construct

Floors require some time after construction to allow curing and binding with the surface. The curing time would mean that a homeowner cannot move into the house after floor installation. Concrete floors do not take up much time to cure like other floors, making them a great option for any homeowner who wants to move in fast. Upon the installation of the concrete floor, a homeowner can move in within a week.

There is no doubt that concrete flooring offers more benefits than any other type of flooring. Also, it blends well with multiple types of wall choices, such as veneer or stone walls. Be sure to get a concrete expert to handle the installation of concrete flooring in your space for the best looking and functioning flooring.

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