Throw Away: Free Yourself from Clutter


You can hire someone to do professional carpet cleaning if lots of dust has settled or it has been a while since a major cleaning was done in your house. It’s important to do this, as filthy surroundings can have serious ramifications on anyone’s health.

Now, something like dust isn’t an easy thing to see. What is easy to see, though, is clutter. We’re talking about scattered papers, pieces of clothing, and other small things. These can cause detrimental effects on health, both physically and mentally. We should all aim to avoid amassing it. Here are some ways you can manage or remove clutter altogether. It’s time to get organized.

Why Keep Clutter?

Some people tend to have emotional attachments to things, even useless ones. Then they would refuse to let go until they get a significant collection of it. There should be a point where you learn to move on. Sentiment can be a powerful thing, but if it starts to affect life in a negative way, you must reassess your thoughts.

Baby Steps

It’s hard to let go of some things. But looking at a mound of stuff without being sure if they all have a purpose can stress you out, too. It’s not a sight to behold.

Here is the moment where you can look back at these things and assess how important they are to your life. Grab a few containers with you so that you can try to categorize by how much you are attached to them. Once you get all these piled up, go over them again. Those you least gravitate to might be the ones you should let go of easiest. That should be a significant reduction and a great start.

You can look back at these from time to time. This can be an activity for you where you get to do a bit of reflection.

Regular Clutter

paper bags and cartons

Aside from the personal stuff, you have things that are inherently useless but somehow linger around your house. These are things like old bills, flyers, spent pens, empty packaging, and the like. It’s easy to just pick them up and throw them away. The more challenging task is how to prevent them from piling up.

If you are keeping papers for the information they have, try writing it down and save it in a spreadsheet file on your computer or have them scanned. Once you know you’ve done this, you can throw them away without feeling like you are forgetting something.

If you have expensive electronic items, you can hold on to their boxes if you plan to resell them. If you’ve used the item for two years or so, you can discard the box. You’ve already gotten much of what it is worth by then, and you can still sell it for a bit of profit.

Contain It

Cleaning up can take time. But at the very least, you should manage it. Get some containers where you can put and label them. This is a tried and true method. It may stay with you a little longer, but at least you don’t have everything scattered around.

Less clutter means a clearer mind. Free yourself from it, and you will emerge a wiser and healthier person.

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