Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Home

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If you’re looking for a synthetic floor covering, then opt for laminate flooring. It’s designed and developed to look like stone or wood. Laminate flooring made from different synthetic layers. More often, its core is made of High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) that provides structure and stability.

Laminate flooring is finished with a photograph of bamboo, stone, or wood. The graphic used is very detailed and made of very high-quality material. Some models are even fully waterproof. Aside from those benefits, here are reasons you should choose laminate flooring.

1. It’s suitable and perfect for every room

This type of flooring can be used in every room of the house, be it the bedroom, living room, dining area, or even in the kitchen and bathroom. Laminate floors have a seamless click system and anti-static surface that prevents it from collecting dirt and dust on or between the planks. This makes them ideal for children’s rooms, too. They’re so versatile, in fact, that they can even be applied on stairs!

You can also use laminate floorings in your closets, but take note that this type of floor has a pressed board under the plastic, which is prone to cracking and splintering when the top plastic coating is penetrated. So, if you will use it in closets or any other areas where you need to penetrate the surface of the laminate floors, it’s preferred that you use screws such as self-tapping metal stud screws instead of nails.

2. Quick and easy installation

Laminate floors are very easy to install compared to other types of floors. It is because of the handy click system that enables all the planks to perfectly fit together, just like a jigsaw puzzle. There’s no need for stabilized sand, mortar, or glue to lay a stable and perfectly level floor. You can install this flooring all by yourself. But if you want the end product to be seamless, it’s best to call a professional flooring contractor.

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3. Easy to maintain

The protective top layer of the laminate allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Dust and dirt will not penetrate the wood, and you can easily clean it using a dry or lightly dampened fiber cloth. There’s no need to scrub, sand, or oil the laminate floors.

4. Extremely strong

High-quality laminate floors have extremely strong core panels that don’t wear easily and are exceptionally durable. This type of flooring can handle falling objects, stiletto heels, playing kids, and even scratches from your pet. Because most modern laminate floorings are so tough, it’s used in airports, shops, and other public places with high foot traffic.

There’s also no need to worry about spilling liquids or water. All you need to do is to mop the area immediately, so it won’t penetrate the planks.

5. Just Like the Real Thing

Modern laminate floors are already indistinguishable from a real timber floor. With the newest techniques, the real timber’s texture, like the flaws, cracks, and knots, can be perfectly simulated. You can have cheaper flooring with the aesthetic appeal of real timber.

Laminate flooring makes your home look elegant and clean for a fraction of the price of its hardwood or plank counterparts. The savings continue after installation, too, as this material needs little to no maintenance. Upgrading your interior space has never been this easy and affordable.

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