Time for a Change: 3 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Serious Makeover

Man renovating the bathroom

Man renovating the bathroom

If you’ve been living with the same bathroom design for years, you probably already have that aching feeling of having the space remodelled. Those countless hours spent over at Pinterest and Instagram, seeing #bathroomgoals, all the more fan the renovation urge.

Bathroom remodelling projects, however, are just so expensive, so you hesitate if it’s really the time to do it or if it’s worth delaying the aesthetic cravings. When you see the following signs, you definitely have to get yourself busy updating your space:

1. It smells like… toilet

Yes, bathrooms have toilets, but that doesn’t mean they have to stink. If you’ve been smelling mildew, sewage, and other unpleasant smell in the bathroom, then you might have leaks or defective fixtures. More than the horrible odor, these might be the reason for your high water bill. This accounts for a bathroom remodelling, focusing on fixing the plumbing system, replacing the toilet’s wax seal and grout, and modernizing bathroom fixtures and fittings.

It’s also important to pay attention to ventilation. Invest in the right bathroom fan. Ideally, it should be placed near the tub or the shower. Avoid installing it near the AC vent, as this can affect the bathroom fan’s intake of humid air. If possible, do add windows in the space and leave them slightly opened. This will easily improve air circulation. Use window films for privacy.

2. It keeps you from moving around freely

small bathroom

Do you find yourself bumping into a cabinet when spending time at the bathroom? Or squeezing yourself under the shower when turning the tap on so you won’t get jolted with the drizzle? There’s no easy way to put it, but you do have an outdated bathroom that needs a serious bathroom remodel. Ogden interior designers say that your priority in this makeover project should be ergonomics. You should treat the area as a workspace that’s supposed to help you work efficiently.

The best way to know how to best arrange bathroom elements is to visualize how exactly you use the space. For instance, in the toilet area, the bidet and paper roll holder should be within reach. The toilet should have the right height and curve of the seat to ensure maximum comfort for users. In the shower area, you may want to install the towel rails nearby and place the shower taps on the wall opposite from the actual bathing area. As you’ll be moving a lot, you should also invest in space-saving furniture to avoid bumping into sinks or cabinets.

3. It lacks proper lighting

If you can barely see your face in your bathroom mirror or you would have to fumble through cabinets just to get toilet paper, then you should rethink your lighting. Again, your bathroom is supposed to help you do what you have to do easier.

Proper lighting is crucial in every aspect. Interior designers layer lighting to improve the functionality and aesthetic of the space. The first layer is, of course, ambient lighting. Go for pendants or chandeliers, depending on your preference. The second layer is task lighting, which is supposed to improve visibility when you do your grooming, like putting on makeup or shaving. Accent lighting is the third layer, adding drama or creating the atmosphere you want in the space.

Remodelling projects are tiring and costly, but if you have an outdated space that has these characteristics, then a renovation is necessary and worth the effort and price. It’s time to change things up.

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