Safety Features Your Garage Door Must Have

Guy fixing garage door

Guy fixing garage door

Safety is one of the major concerns of most homeowners. Studies reveal that a majority of home intruders gain access to homes using the garage doors. Fortunately, advancements in technology has made it possible to create unique garage door openers.

Therefore, when getting a replacement, consider going for the new system as it possesses extra features. The modern features of these new garage roller doors in Cairns include the following:

1. Vacation Settings

Although most of us would want to, we cannot always be at home. When leaving for a holiday or family vacation, you want to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind and while you are away, especially if for a long time.

Vacation settings on garage doors ensure that it stays locked completely for the time you will be away. If intruders will be using hangers, hacked codes or stolen remotes, they cannot gain access to the garage if all the sensors are not in active mode.

2. Control Settings

Some individuals are not interested in the fast opening and closing of the garage door. They instead care about safe door operation as well as preservation of the door’s condition. Some control settings slow down the force that the door has in operation.

This means that your door hits the floor with less force and uses minimal energy in lowering and raising. You also save the door railings from frequent wear that the door could experience due to frequent use.

3. Rolling Code

Automatic garage doors depend on codes for door operation. Since the coding is a set of instructions, hackers can hack their way to your fob and access the garage. However, there is a technology that enables the codes to change every time you use your door, making it hard to hack your opener.

4. Locks

Woman pressing on security combination code

Although there is so much convenience that comes with using remotes, you could still lose them. That would mean that you cannot access the garage for some time. Lock systems enable you to access your garage without the remote.

When you activate the lock mechanism, the coding mechanism on your remote is on the deactivated mode. You can only access the garage using the lock at that time which you only have access.

5. Motion Sensors

Garage doors are heavy and can cause potential damage to people and items if it comes into contact with them during the opening and closing. Motion sensors use laser technology to detect anything in its way before it closes.

If there is anything in the way of the door, the motion sensor becomes active, and the door stops its motion. Your pets, children, or cars will not suffer any damage and incidents from an operating door when there are motion sensors.

When getting a new garage roller door — whether a brand new one or for replacement reasons — check the safety features. You will tighten the security of your garage as well as your home. Although the features might increase the cost of your garage door, it is worth if it means you would not have to deal with break-ins.

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