How Much Should You Spend on Professional Termite Inspection?

Worker and owner inspecting for termites

Worker and owner inspecting for termitesU.S. households that need professional termite inspection services should expect to pay $100, which is the average cost in the country. The usual price ranges between $50 and $280, but take note that is the cost of inspection for a home that is not up for sale.

The place where you live will also determine the actual rate. If you are in Massachusetts, the cost of hiring an exterminator in Attleboro, MA could be much cheaper than contracting the services of a similar company in Boston. Rates are generally less expensive in small cities and rural places, compared to larger urban areas.

Frequency of Inspections

Those who live in places with a high threat of pest infestation should consider having an annual probe in their houses. Others in low-threat areas may do so once every two years. The frequency of inspection could be more necessary, such as when you notice signs of damaged wood around the house. In case your house is infested with termites, be prepared to spend a hefty amount for extermination.

It may cost between $1,000 and $4,000 in fumigation costs, depending on the size of your house. You would also need to evacuate the place for a few days, as these are a health hazard. Your local pest control company should be certified and licensed to perform fumigation control, as this is the general requirement in most states.

Signs and Clues of Pest Infestation

Closeup photo of a termite infestationA termite infestation at home isn’t always an easy thing to notice, but there are some signs and clues to look out for when you suspect pests living inside the house. You should look out for small mud tunnels that are linked from the wooden part of your house up to the termite nests. Start by checking your deck or fence, since these are among the first areas where termites would usually exist.

The basement is one of the most obvious places to check for termites. Any other crawl spaces or areas that are closely located to the ground are also good places to look for these pests.

What to Expect During the Visit

Trust is often a key part of any extermination process, as you are counting on a stranger to take care of your home. Hence, you should be more comfortable hiring someone recommended by family or friends.

Unfamiliar faces will also move in and out of your home, so make sure that your place is ready for an inspection. Professional inspectors would start by looking into windows, doors, attics, roofing, garages and other entry points for termites. If possible, hire a company that deals with several pests aside from termites for a more thorough check.

Ask for at least three quotes from different companies when inquiring about rates. This will allow you to compare prices more effectively. Some companies provide their services in-between states in the West or East Coast. When choosing a service provider, it is better to find one that has experience in dealing with different kinds of pests.

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