Toilet Partitions: Types of Plastics You May Consider

disposable plastic bags.

disposable plastic bags.In the past, most public institutions and commercial establishments paid little attention to their restrooms’ look. They only cared that the rooms were clean and functional. With a focus on customer satisfaction these days, the appearance of bathrooms became a focal point for most establishments. One of the elements that will influence the look of your bathrooms is the type of toilet partition you use. Metal and plastic are the two main material options used for partitions nowadays.

Many property owners opt for plastic rather than metal toilet partitions since they are easier to customize, and they have a higher aesthetic appeal. Not every type of plastic toilet partition on the market will suffice for your establishment, though. Here are the best plastic types that you can choose from:

Phenolic Plastic

This is a synthetic resin made of formaldehyde and condensed phenol bound using a base material. Phenolic plastics are among your toughest material options for toilet partitions and can withstand considerable physical abuse. They are likewise inexpensive and resistant to solvent cleaners and high temperatures, which ordinarily melt other plastics.

Phenolic plastic toilet partitions often come in dark colors since they are prone to darkening when oxidized with chemicals. The oxidization typically results from the use of cleaners that contain chlorine as an oxidizer and ammonia as a base.


This is made through the catalyzation of ethylene, which makes it highly resistant to chemical cleaners that contain alcohols, base, and acids. HDPE likewise holds up well to various forms of moisture and has no risk of mildew or mold growth. High-density polyethylene toilet partitions are budget friendly. The primary drawback of these partitions is their vulnerability to stress, cracks and fading or distortion when exposed to various elements. To minimize these disadvantages, HDPE is treated using different techniques.

PVC pipe

Laminated Plastic

This comprises layers of cured polymers that create partitions of high strength and are resistant to all forms of blunt force. The plastic is also easy to clean and includes different patterned materials, making it the leading choice for places where a pleasing appearance is paramount, such as hotels. Unfortunately, laminated plastic toilet partitions are not as durable as other options and are at high risk of cracking or chipping. They are also vulnerable to scratches; therefore, abrasive implements and cleaners should not be used on them.


PVC partitions are lightweight, recyclable, low-priced, durable, fire-resistant and easy to install. Their lightweight nature, however, makes them prone to cracking or chipping with the application of even minimal force. That said, PVC toilet partitions are commonly used in high-end bathrooms.

With the above plastic partitions, you can ensure that you will not dread people using your restroom. In fact, you will look forward to showing off the beauty of your bathrooms. Since plastic partitions require less work for their installation compared to metal and wood, most property owners choose to forego their expert installation.

DIY installation, however, results in grave injuries since the plastic shards, which easily break during the process, are extremely sharp. The final look of the toilet partitions is also not as aesthetically pleasing as that of professionally installed partitions.

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