Types of Decorative Window Film

window film

Windows are an essential element of interior spaces. Windows nowadays however, seem to be made larger than ever in order to maximize the amount of natural light filtering indoors. This lowers the costs of lighting and heating your space while showcasing your décor elements. Large windows also allow a seamless transition with your outdoor space and generate the illusion of a limitless space. Even so, these large windows might become detrimental to your property in the long run.

Office, store, and home window tinting in Arizona are the best choices for preventing most detrimental effects of having glass windows. A good tint blocks UV rays that have been proven to fade upholstery, hasten skin aging, and contribute to skin cancer. Moreover, window film will also hold the shards resulting from the accidental breaking of glass which boosts the safety of those around it. The right decorative tint can also enhance the look of your windows and interiors. The following are your decorative window tinting alternatives for residential and commercial spaces.

Frosted Film

This will add a layer to large glass doors and windows that boosts the privacy of your indoors while still allowing the infiltration of light. Frosted window film can be fully or partially concealed and with different patterns, designs, and gradients to choose from to complement your desired look, interior décor, and overall architectural design.

Architectural Film

This is used for functionality, décor, and at times both. Architectural window films offer the highest benefits in terms of UV ray blocking and energy savings with the added benefit of enhancing your windows’ look.  Though often used in commercial spaces, architectural films are also ideal for residential settings. They allow you to create interesting patterns on both the interior and exterior sides of your glass windows. You can choose from several geometric patterns and color spectrums for a creative and customized design.

Perforated Film

This features punched holes in it. This way, you will have light filtering into your interior space in interesting patterns through the perforations. The perforations can make a customized design that further enhances your windows’ look. Perforated window film is the leading option for restaurants and storefront windows since they can be made to spell different letters and double as adverts.

Patterned Film

This features different patterns for generating an original style to your windows. Typical designs for these window films include etched sparkles, geometric shapes, and bar codes. These can be personalized to suit your decoration style or your business logo. Patterned films come in several finishes though matte is the most popular choice.

Gradient and Textured Films

window film

These options allow passers-by to see certain elements of your interiors while disguising the others. Gradient and textured films come in different organic and geometric patterns. They can also be installed in several ways to generate gradient opacity when viewed from different angles.

Window treatments contribute to exceptional interior and exterior décor. The above types of window films can take the place of traditional treatments like shades, blinds, and curtains. Unlike the latter, these films are maintenance-free and can be less expensive.

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