Why Should You Double Glaze Your Home’s Windows?

Window Installation

There was a time when most houses had small glass windows. This was when the cost of glass was still prohibitive. Nowadays, glass windows are cheap. And for older houses in Orpington, double glazing the existing windows is a very viable change or upgrade to the property. That is why almost all modern homes now have double glazing, or laminated windows, which have almost the same properties.

What Double Glazing Means

Double glazing windows means replacing an existing single panel window with a two-layer glass equivalent. Between the two layers of glass is a thin space filled with an inert gas. The process is not as simple as adding another glass panel to an existing window. A single glazed window cannot be converted to a double glazed window because of the inert glass layer. The properties of a real double glazed window are different from those of double panels stuck to each other.

Improved Security

There are distinct advantages to a double glazed window. Obviously, it is stronger than a single glazed one. Although this is not the primary purpose of double glazing, it is helpful most especially in areas with hale or frequent storms. Also, with a stronger window, it is harder for any burglar or thief to break in. Thieves are deterred when a place is hard to enter.

No UV Damage

Window being cleaned

The double glazing also results in less UV light entering the house. Colours on leather and textile, including paint on walls, tend to fade when exposed to UV light. Furniture can also be damaged due to the light radiation from the sun. With a double panel, you get to filter the sunlight and reduce the amount that can enter. For best UV light protection, install a UV filter window film. Nonetheless, a double glazed window can do the task without the need for an additional film.

Insulation Savings

A double glazed window also lets you save on heating costs. Glass is an excellent insulator, and its insulation properties are even further improved due to the inert gas in between the two panels. Therefore, there is minimal or no heat exchange throughout your property. Since there is less energy utilised to heat your house, you can expect lower energy bills. It is also possible to add more layers of glass, which would further increase your window’s insulation properties.

Moreover, due to the improved insulation, there is limited condensation. Condensation on a glass surface happens when moisture on the warm glass condenses on the surface. This usually happens to car windshields, as well as eyeglasses when a person moves from a cold area to a warm room.

Condensation on a window can make the room colder, forcing the heater to work harder to keep the temperature constant. Having two panels plus the gas between them prevents surface condensation. Additionally, there is no condensation between the panels because there is no water vapour in the space between them.

Double glazing can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your home. It can improve not only your home’s insulation and protection from UV rays. It can improve your property’s value, as well.

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