How to Upgrade Your Conservatory for Year-Round Use

Modern conservatory surrounded by a block paved patio

Modern conservatory surrounded by a block paved patio

A conservatory is an attachment to the main house for the homeowner’s personal enjoyment and relaxation. It is designed to provide a stress-free environment, with growing plants and plenty of sunshine. This glass structure has become quite popular recently, with many homeowners loving the feeling of being outside while actually being indoors in a relaxed and warm garden room.

If you are thinking of building your own indoor-outdoor space in your property, one of the best things you can do is to use solar window films for conservatories to give the glass additional strength and protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Year-Round Solar Conservatory

Glass is an excellent insulation material. It can keep the cold air out and the heat inside your conservatory. But with the increasing concerns about high energy costs and more and more homeowners wanting to make the most out of their available space, it is now necessary to upgrade your conservatory with a solar window film. This way, you can ensure comfort all year round.

A solar conservatory entails better insulation and improved construction using thicker materials. The all-glass roof will have to be replaced and then, a mini-wall will be the minimum for the sides. Thicker pillars also have to be considered. Flooring will have to be added, as well, for added insulation from heat loss from the floor.

Insulation is not the only factor to look at here. The additional construction will also provide more support for your structure’s roof. At the same time, the mini-wall will make it look more integrated with your main house. Although it is a separate construction and an attachment, it should also complement the overall look of your home.

Glass Insulation

Residential conservatory

A solar conservatory is not supposed to be a greenhouse. A greenhouse is all glass because this allows the sunlight to enter, and then heat the air inside the greenhouse. The warm air, in turn, could not escape because of the glass, which insulates the place. Insulation is not selective. It keeps the warmth in, whether this is due to home heating or the greenhouse effect. This effect keeps the greenhouse warm even in winter, and even warmer in summer.

A solar conservatory will have the same problem when it is used year round. During summer, a conservatory has windows and doors open to let the air circulate. To keep a conservatory fairly comfortable, the glass windows have to be treated with a UV light film. This prevents UV light from passing through and warming up the air inside the conservatory. There are different kinds of film that you can use, providing different levels of shade and protection.

A solar conservatory does not need to be rebuilt or upgraded as a whole. There are ways to make the structure more usable during winter months, as well as alternatives to full construction. The use of a sun protection film can help a lot in insulating your conservatory. The film will also help to filter against harmful UV rays.

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