How Much Should You Spend In Utah For A Drywall Installation?

Worker installing a drywall

Worker installing a drywallThe cost of professional drywall installation in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah may cost within the national average of $1,714, although you should expect to spend from $968 to $2,516 based on several factors.

The cost of materials and labor are some of these factors. For instance, the cost of installing drywall for a 12×12 room could require you to spend up to $720. The actual cost becomes more expensive if this is part of a home remodeling project. In some cases, you could install it by yourself such as when covering up exposed wood inside a garage. DIY installation isn’t recommended for major home renovation or building work since this needs the use of specific equipment that only a professional has for the job.

Estimating Installation Expenses

A bigger room will often incur a higher cost for installation because of the need for more materials and labor, although some contractors may charge more for a drywall installation in particularly small rooms. For instance, a drywall installer may charge $1.15 per square foot for a 14,000-square-foot house compared to around $3 per square foot for a small bedroom.

Contractors usually estimate the cost of transportation, labor and insurance for completing a certain project. If their overhead costs are much higher than the price of an installation, you should expect them to charge more than their average or flat rate. The distance of your home also will be another factor. It doesn’t make sense to hire a contractor from out of state if you live in Salt Lake City.

Cost Of Materials

Employee of a local hardware storeYou could buy the materials from a local home improvement store if you think it would save money. For instance, you could buy a small kit for repairs for just $5 if you only need to repair patches. Standard 8×4 panels cost from $10 to $20 per piece, while basic ones with the same measurement may be cheaper.

Remember to use the correct thickness for certain parts of the room. Drywall panels for the ceiling should be at least a half-inch thick to prevent sagging. Thicker panels are more fire-resistant, although this doesn’t mean that it would be fireproof. Choosing the right drywall tape is another thing to consider for installation.

Common Tape Choices

The cost of a drywall tape roll ranges from as low as $1.75 up to $15. Some of the common choices available on retail stores are paper and fiberglass mesh drywall tape. Paper tape is the most affordable option, but this is also the most difficult to use for first-timers.

Fiberglass mesh is a good choice for durability and self-adhesiveness. It also prevents bubbles from forming because of its holes, but it require special finishing to remove lumps after applying it.


When choosing a contractor, you can narrow your selection by asking for at least three price quotes from different companies. It’s better to hire a contractor that offers paint services since this will be necessary after completing a drywall installation.

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