Wrought Iron Decorations are Perfect for Modern Homes

Wrought Iron Decoration

Wrought Iron Decoration

Your modern home should not just be trendy and functional. It is often suggested by many interior designers to add some classic elements to your residential property. It can bring a different ambiance to an otherwise stiff, metallic home.

There are many ways to bring about a design renaissance for your haven. Using materials such as wrought iron for your railings or gates is now a practice in affluent homes, like those in Beverly Hills. A combination of modern and classic themes can produce an excellent, refined look for your home.

Here are some reasons wrought iron is the best classic element in your interior:

Wrought Iron is Rust Resistant

Since it is not a pure metal, wrought iron is rust resistant. Regular iron is prone to rust, but an alloy like wrought iron, which is mixed with a fibrous material called slag, will not easily rust even when exposed to water. For outdoor fixtures such as chairs, fences or gates, this is essential since they would be exposed to different weather conditions.

Wrought Iron is Durable

Wrought iron is a very durable alloy for outdoor fencing and railing materials. When they are compared to aluminum or wood, the wrought iron displays strong resistance to significant force, and it would not easily bend or break. When used to build a fence, it can withstand attempts of intruders to enter a property. It performs its function while adding aesthetic value.

Wrought Iron is Easily Restored

wrought iron details and ornaments

For your wrought iron furniture, it does not have to intrude on your home design. If you decide to change your color scheme, the wrought iron furniture can also be repainted. Even if you have a do-it-yourself repaint project, even a thin coat can last up to four years.

Antique Wrought Iron Blends Well with Modern Pieces

One way of incorporating a rustic, antique feel to your home is to insert a central fixture right in the middle of modern furniture sets. An easy idea is to place an antique chandelier. Many chandeliers have a rustic dark color and can go well with black and white living rooms with a minimalist design.

You can also use antique centerpieces or accent pieces, like a wrought iron sculpture. There is also another theme that is becoming trendy—steampunk. Wrought iron would be the best base material for these.

Wrought Iron as Artistic Piece

One desirable property of wrought iron is that it is malleable. Despite its durability, the metal alloy can be shaped into whatever you envision. This is why it is used by artists to make sculptures. It has natural elasticity and ductility and it is only limited by your creativity and imagination. This is why it is often the preferred medium of sculptors who seek a metallic finish. The result is a combination of elegance and toughness.

Modern rustic interiors can feature wrought iron elements with organic elements. There are other wrought iron creations that can also perform a function. These include metal vases, candlesticks, and coat holders. You can also use hanging pot fixtures along with your houseplants. As mentioned earlier, wrought iron would not rust, so there would be no issue when you water them.

The rustic furniture can be made using different materials, but to keep up with the demands of modern living, wrought iron has emerged as the better choice.

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