Creative Ideas You Can Consider for Your Garden

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gA quick look through your social media feed is likely to tell you that many of your friends have been taking up gardening as a pandemic coping mechanism. They’re in the right because it’s proven to be effective in lowering levels of anxiety and depression. The fact that it’s also a creative endeavor can also boost your self-esteem when you view the fruits of your labor. So if you’ve also been working your green thumb or are thinking of starting, good for you. And if you’re looking for quirkier or more creative ways to fill your garden, this is the list for you.

Install a fountain

In feng shui, fountains can be used to bring good fortune in relationships and finances. The gentle sound of flowing water is soothing and can help relax you when you’re sitting in your yard with a hot beverage and a good book. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of harmony and prosperity. However, fountains are trickier mechanisms, so you’ll need to call plumbing services to figure out how to get the water flowing.

Have a topiary

If you’ve got the shrubbery in your garden but aren’t satisfied with their shape, topiary will add a creative spin to them. This is the practice of trimming shrubs into decorative shapes. Topiary can take on simpler forms, such as shrubs shaped into spirals or orbs. It can also take on more complicated shapes such as animals or anthropomorphic figures. There are many shapes you can ask your topiarist to create. Whether simple or complex, a beautiful topiary is sure to be an icebreaker for you and your neighbors.

Transform a tree stump

If you have a tree stump in your yard that’s just been sitting there, converting it into a decorative feature is sure to bring a fresh new sight to your garden. A repurposed tree stump is sure to encourage you and your household to spend more time in your yard, breathing in the fresh air.

One good idea that’s sure to excite your kids is to make a fairy home. Tree stumps are the perfect size for fairy homes or gardens because the mythical creatures can supposedly fit in the palm of your hand. You can decorate your little fairyland using old pieces of tiny furniture from dollhouses, or you and your kids can even craft them yourselves.

If your household is fond of board games, you can turn the stump into a game board for chess, checkers, or tic tac toe. You can also carve the stump into a table or chair when you spend some time relaxing in your garden with a book.

If you’re looking to plant more flowers but want to step away from using conventional planters, you can use the tree stump as a planter. You can even use it as decorative garden lighting. Uproot the tree stump and hollow it out. Then, carve simple cracks or carve it decoratively as you would a pumpkin for Halloween to let the light peep out. Your garden is sure to look more magical.


Make a birdbath

One of the more welcomed visitors that your garden might draw in is birds. This is a good thing because the sight and sound of birds are actually beneficial to our mental health. This is probably why many sunrise alarm clocks give you the option to wake up to the sweet sound of birdsong.

To care for these chirping guests, make space for a birdbath in your garden. You can get a store-bought one or make one from materials that you have at home. This is another thing you can make a tree stump into! You can also use shallow old planters with wide brims.

Try hydroponics

This refers to soil-free gardening, so if you’re looking for a more low-maintenance way to have plants at home, this is perfect. You can also bring hydroponics indoors since it won’t yield the same mess as conventional gardens do. It also won’t attract as many pests.

Light the way

When you’ve nurtured a garden so beautiful, it’s a waste to let it go unseen at night—experiment with using rope lighting or festoon lights. You can put rope lighting on the ground to carve a beautifully lit path at night. Festoon lights make things look more festive no matter what time of year it is. Lanterns are also perfect for dinners in your yard, giving the impression that they’re suspended in the air.

You can also experiment with colored lighting, especially for illuminating topiaries. Place them at the base of your topiaries to light them, and it will give neighbors and onlookers a different sight to take in at night.

The pandemic is the perfect time to start working your green thumb because of the benefits that gardening has for your mental and physical health. Even better than that is coming up with newer, more creative ways to beautify your green spaces. This can help you and your household spend more time in the yard to breathe fresh air and spend some time away from your screens.

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