Home Improvements for Better Energy Efficiency

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The winter season has ended. For most homeowners, the long, cold nights were hard on their energy consumption. They have to ensure that their household has enough heat to combat the chilliness of the season. Thus, the result was a spike in their energy bills.

Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate this condition. The ideal weather allows for additions that will help regulate energy use. What are these energy-saving home improvements? Here are some ideas.

Upgrade to a Cooler Roof

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Sunlight first touches your home through your roof. Thus, it is essential not to disregard this part of your house. Ensuring that you have an energy-efficient roof will help to regulate heat in your home.

Applying an acrylic coating solution to your roof makes it reflective. Its white sheen helps to keep the heat of sunlight from penetrating inside your house. You will have a better-regulated atmosphere inside your home. You may not even have to turn on your AC too high to achieve a comfortable temperature.

This roof coating is also cost-efficient. Its long-lasting application translates to having roofs that need low maintenance.

Observe Proper Materials for Flooring

The proper flooring materials spell a big difference in the amount of heat that can enter your home. Stone and tiles are among the best options. They are excellent absorbers of heat during the daytime. At nighttime, this heat goes up and keeps your home warmer. This principle still holds even in colder months. Wood floors are another excellent choice. They help trap heat underneath. You only have to be specific about the proper thickness fit for your home.

If you do not want a major overhaul on your flooring, you may add an extra layer on it instead. Soft rugs and carpets help to keep your feet warm during colder months. It is also a mood-booster to step on something so comfortable. You can let your feet sink in their softness. But, during hotter months, you may want to roll up these rugs and carpets.

Invest in Window Treatments


Your windows are another entry point of cold and heat. Having the proper window treatments helps regulate the temperature in your home. They function better than typical curtains do.

Cellular shades come on top of the list. They are also called honeycomb blinds because they have honeycomb cells in them. These fabric cells allow these blinds to block heat or keep the cold out. They are excellent choices if you have insulation in mind. They also help to enhance privacy and serve as adequate noise buffers.

Shutters and Roman shades also are on the list of energy-efficient window treatments. The former gives a custom fit to windows. Homeowners prefer Roman shades for their style and versatility.

Whatever window treatment you choose, make sure that it is suitable for the room you will use it for. You will gain energy-efficiency, style, light control, and privacy all in one.

Enhance with Awnings

External shade devices also work to keep solar heat away from your home. Retractable awnings not only adds personality to your windows from the outside. They also serve as a way to reduce your energy consumption.

Awnings have a reputation for blocking heat from penetrating the windows. That is why most people believe that they are only beneficial during the summer months. But, folding up your awning during the winter months can do the reverse. It will allow more heat to come through your windows and some warmth to seep in. Thus, adding an awning to your home exterior has an all-year-round advantage.

Add a Slice of Heaven

Skylights became known for their aesthetic purpose. Homeowners chose to install some of these windows to have a slice of heaven inside their home. Skylights allow natural light to fill the room and have chances of stargazing at night. They are also good for one’s health.

But, what most people do not know is that skylights can help to reduce energy costs. This includes lighting and heating. The only consideration is to know the best location of where to install one. The proper location will give your home a very comfortable atmosphere. Not thinking the location through may lead to overheated or icy areas in your home.

These may seem like big investments or home improvements. They may need significant renovations and high costs. Choosing the proper energy-efficient project or a combination will help you cut costs. This will be evident when summer comes. Your AC or heating system would not have to work double hard anymore. Plus, you get to enjoy a more comfortable and more beautiful home.

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