Massage Chair Features that Buyers Should Look For

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Massage has been practiced for many years as a way to relieve pain, reduce stress and increase wellness. Technology has introduced more convenient ways for people to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage, one of which is the development of massage chairs. A wide variety of massage chairs can be bought online or at retail stores and they offer many functions that may be overwhelming for a first-time buyer.

Below is a compilation of the most important features that a person should consider when choosing a massage chair:

Customizable Settings

A person’s massage needs may vary depending on the pain or stress that he feels. While there are massage chairs that come with pre-set massage techniques, there are also massage chair models that allow users to customize their massage experience. Adjustable control settings may include intensity of massage, duration, location and motion. Many massage chairs have a built-in memory setting that stores the user’s custom program. This allows the user to easily select the desired type of massage and not have to reset the program on subsequent sessions.

Comfortable Design

While massaging is all about putting pressure on certain parts of the body to relax tissues and increase blood circulation, it shouldn’t be painful or mechanical. It is important to look for a massage chair that can offer deep, strong massage, but at the same time mimic the natural feel of human touch.

Heat Therapy

Towels and heat stone

Massage that is coupled with heat can provide many therapeutic benefits when applied during the right situations. The heat feature of massage chairs are often built at the lower back, buttocks, feet and arms areas. However, users are advised not to use heat therapy when recovering from accident as it may cause damage to muscle tissues.

Foot Rest Extensions

A “full-body” massage will not be complete if the massage chair does not have a foot massage feature. Massage chairs that offer whole foot reflexology is an important consideration as a great foot massage can deliver many relaxing and regenerative benefits.

Body Scan Technology

Massage chair manufacturers continue to innovate their products to offer unique and industry-leading models for consumers. Body scan technology is an innovation incorporated in newer massage chairs. Body scan massage chairs offer a precise, tailor-fit massage by using sensors that detect the shape, curves and size of the body. These sensors identify key pressure points to target during massage enabling the massage to be accurately personalized.

Music and Massage Synchronization

Some massage chair models have speakers built in the headrests allowing users to listen to their favorite music via Bluetooth connectivity. However, there are massage chairs that with a touch of a button, will synchronize the intensity of the massage with the type of music played. For example, the massage rollers will move fast when a rock song is on or the rollers will knead more slowly when a classical tune is played.

A massage chair is an important and expensive investment. The above features will help buyers decide which elements to look for when shopping for the right product.

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