Sustainable Carpetry: Why You Should Get Natural Fiber Rugs

Woman Sitting On Carpet Watching Television

Woman Sitting On Carpet Watching TelevisionConventional carpets are synthetic and treated with chemicals. These floor coverings are made from nylon, acrylic, and polyester, which are petroleum-based. Although treated carpets can reduce stains, the chemicals can evaporate into the air. This not only contributes to indoor pollution but also compromises your health, exposing you to nausea, headaches, and skin allergies, among others.

So what should you do if you prefer carpeted floors in your home and office? Go natural.

What to Expect from Natural Fibers

Natural materials are renewable, safe to use, and environmentally friendly. Carpets made out of natural materials are handmade, and they’re prized for their natural weave. They also last longer, have rich textures, and are versatile. You can choose from a variety of natural fiber rugs: wool, jute, sisal, cotton, silk, seagrass, and coir.

Wool is especially ideal because it can remove indoor air contaminants. In a study from AgResearch, a New Zealand research institute, scientists found that this type of natural carpet can reduce levels of indoor pollution. It can do so for up to 30 years, so if you or anyone in your family has a chemical sensitivity, wool carpeting would be a good choice.

Aside from reducing your own environmental footprint, you also get stylish rugs that are safe to use. These natural fiber rugs have natural hues of tan, ivory, sage, and soft, muted colors that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

In terms of maintenance natural fiber carpets are easier to clean than synthetic ones. Most are stain-resistant and can easily repel dirt because of their coating.

Natural fiber rugs also don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). These compounds are harmful to your health, to the environment, and to your children and pets. These compounds pose a health risk, whether they’re inhaled or absorbed through the skin. When you switch to natural fiber rugs, you don’t have to worry about health concerns.

But natural fiber rug is vulnerable to moisture. So you should keep it away from water and other liquids. You can drop off your carpet at a cleaning service in your neighborhood if it does get wet. Professional cleaning, through a rigorous process and proper equipment, ensures your floor covering maintains its beauty and quality.

What Unsustainable Products Do

Power plant using renewable solar energy with sun

Petroleum took up about 28 percent of America’s total energy consumption in 2017. A majority of manufacturing products largely dependent on this type of energy source. Unsustainable products quickly deplete nonrenewable energy sources and they add to the greenhouse gases that cause c.

A switch to natural carpeting may not seem as significant as using solar power or choosing to live off the grid in reducing your impact on the environment. But every little bit helps.

Natural fiber rugs tend to last longer than synthetic rugs as they maintain their structural integrity, even with significant wear. Safe to use and environmentally friendly, natural fiber rugs are the best option in your home’s carpeting. They provide the same benefits synthetic rugs do without the added harm to the environment.


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