Five Easy Ways to Keep Your Workplace Allergen-free

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Spring is almost here! While many people love this season, many with allergies find it hard to cope. If you’re a business owner, you’ll find it bad for business if any of your employees suffer from spring allergies. They will find it hard to focus on their work, thus affecting their productivity and efficiency.

Take note that there is also such a thing as workplace allergies. Some workers find that their allergies are more likely to appear while they are on the job site. The good news is that there is no need for you and your business to suffer. There are certain things that you can do to help keep your office allergen-free.

Have the workplace cleaned daily

There are times when your cleaners fail to clean the entire office each day. But dust, dirt, and other irritants can instantly pile up if the office cleanup is delayed. Before your employees come in, at the end of the day, or after every shift, make sure that your cleaners do their job to keep the office clean.

Get your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned

When was the last time you had your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned? These allergen-absorbing traps could be the very reason you and your employees’ allergies are triggered. Make sure that you let the pros clean your rugs and carpets at least once a year. You can find yourself a good commercial carpet cleaning company in Orpington during weekends. This will ensure that your carpets will last longer and the nasty dust and stains are removed effectively.

Don’t miss HVAC cleaning and maintenance

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Your HVAC units play a huge role in keeping your indoor temperature at a comfortable level. But if you fail to clean your units or have regular maintenance, you can expect them to harbor dust, dirt, and allergens. To eliminate harmful pollutants, make sure that you have them cleaned regularly. Let only HVAC technicians handle the maintenance of your units. If your units need replacement, go for a more energy-efficient one with a HEPA filter.

Eradicate mold

Mold thrives in places that are moist and humid. If you find a musty smell and visible mold growth, make sure to eradicate it the soonest time possible. Long-term exposure to mold can make you sick. Some of the symptoms of mold toxicity include a runny nose, watery eyes, a sore throat, and other allergy symptoms. Don’t let yourself and your employees suffer by addressing the problem asap.

Invest in an air filtration system

We cannot keep dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens out of the office. But an air filtration system can help catch them before they can make you and your employees sick. It can even also remove odors, keeping your indoor air smelling fresh. Make sure that you invest in quality air purifiers while keeping each room size in mind.

Making your work environment allergen-free offers many benefits. It will help keep your office a healthy place where you and your employers can work with ease. It will also aid in keeping your employees healthy, thus improving their morale.

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